Little Pros Academy

August 10th, 2012 | Posted in SSGA Case Studies | Education Real Estate Advisor & Daycares for Sale

The founder of Little Pros Academy, a real estate developer, created a high quality preschool education company with a concentration on wellness concepts in the southeast market. This group of five schools, along with two additional multi-site companies, was sold to a private equity company seeking to enter the education market with a group of schools. Of the five schools, four were traditional parent-pay schools in community sites, and one school was located on a hospital site for the benefit of its employees and also provided government funded pre-k programs. SSGA negotiated a competitive price for the business and its assets along with a long-term development contract for the former owner. The seller elected to enter into a long-term lease agreement for each location with the new business owner and retain the real estate assets for income generation.

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