Florida Franchise Exit Closing

9/29/17 – SSGA had the privilege to work with a husband and wife owner-team as they were ready to make their exit from a franchise-based, beautiful school outside of Orlando, Florida.

Kathy helped the sellers negotiate the termination of their franchise agreement to allow for outside prospects to consider purchasing and re-branding the school and found the best fit with a national buyer. The real estate was acquired by a real estate partner who collaborated with the national buyer on the simultaneous sale of the childcare business and real estate.

Helping clients exit their schools is a confidential process that SSGA holds dear, but also helping them find their path to a new journey or endeavor is something we truly have a passion for and strive to do when the seller is ready for that change.

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3-Site Beautiful Seattle Area Sale

9/29/17 – SSGA is pleased to  announce the sale of a three-site operation in the Seattle/Tacoma market. DuPont Learning Center and Lacey Learning Centers were sold on behalf of our client Sherry Helton to a national operator after arranging the sale of the business and a lease of three buildings, and the transfer of over 100 staff members and 450 students.

By the time Sherry decided to sell, she had three school buildings that she owned, state-wide recognition of her outstanding program, and two other sites under development. Although she had previously sold one of her other small schools by herself, she recognized that the size and magnitude of her three-site portfolio would command best pricing and execution with the assistance of SSGA.

SSGA prepared an extensive analysis of her financial metrics recommending creative approaches for marketing to potential buyers. Since the client did not want to sell the buildings, but instead preferred to lease to the buyer, SSGA spent considerable time creating a lease template that all potential bidders were obligated to review and observe in their bids for the business operations.

Sherry graciously shared the following with our team:  “Working with SSGA on the sale of my 3 centers was a great experience. It is not easy to part with something that you have put your heart and soul into, but working with the folks at SSGA made it easier. The assistance Carrie provided to me on the overwhelmingly long list of due diligence requests was immensely helpful. She was so thorough and just amazing to work with. Mike was always very prompt to respond to any question or “crisis” that I had along the way. He provided a level of expertise that is rarely seen from brokers today, not only with the sale of my business, but with the leasing of my buildings. I would recommend SSGA to anyone looking for a friendly, professional, and knowledgeable team.”


Did You Hear? A Two-Site Georgia Closing!

9/28/2017 –The SSGA team is at it again! After working with business owners Chris and Jenny Elliott in positioning their two beautiful childcare centers in a very fast-growing metro-Atlanta area for maximum profitability and exit value for several years, the team was able to assist the sellers of these high quality schools that had served families for over 18 years in a sales transaction to a national childcare group who was looking to grow one of their premier brands within the Atlanta-metro area. The real estate was concurrently sold to a national Real Estate Investment Trust who then leased the schools back to the national childcare group.

According to seller Chris Elliott, Kathy stood by us for 100 years and we couldn’t have done it without her dedication and expertise. I would highly recommend Kathy Ligon and her team!” Well is wasn’t QUITE 100 years, but we loved our time with Chris and Jenny!! Best wishes for a happy and peaceful life!!

Unique Closing on Denver Child Care Business

Mike April 2016

8/15/17 – SSGA is pleased to announce the closing of a very unique business only transaction in the Denver market.   Mike Pepper, Senior Broker and National Real Estate Director, worked with our client who operated a child care center for over 20 years in a building owned by the federal government that was in the middle of a large government-owned business center where the surrounding organizations were all affiliated in some way with the federal government.  This child care business operated under a license issued by the government with fairly strict rules about transferral.

Initially our client was unclear how to unlock the business value that had accumulated over the 20-year longevity of the business given the various constraints and lack of any permanent claim to the real property.   SSGA studied the situation and created a marketing plan that would appeal to national operators who were familiar with “on campus” child care services.  Three written offers were obtained, each with their own innovative deal structuring terms and conditions.  SSGA provided financial analysis and transaction advice to the seller, and one candidate was selected who appeared to have the best chance of closing.

SSGA worked with the buyer and seller to navigate the unusual road map to get the deal approved through a variety of 3rd parties that had oversight, and we were very pleased to assist our client in creating value after all their hard work.

Should your child care business not fit into the traditional model, and you are seeking to grow, or sell, please reach out to a member of the SSGA team at to explore the range of options.


Connecticut Closing

ssgacircle-medium3/31/17 – SSGA is pleased to announce the sale of an independently owned childcare center and the accompanying real estate in the Connecticut market.  Senior Broker and National Real Estate Director, Mike Pepper, worked closely with one of our clients whose paramount objective was strict confidentiality throughout the sales process.  Most of our clients desire confidentiality, and we recommend close control of the selling materials, but in this case the small size of the marketplace and risk of disruption among staff and customers made confidentiality of the sale even more important.

To achieve this, the client requested that the only prospective buyers to be considered should not be located in Connecticut. Although this restricted the buyer pool, SSGA was able to identify a regional player who had wanted to open a location in Connecticut for some time.

In addition, SSGA navigated the complex licensing process with the State through an innovative purchase structure that allowed for the purchase to occur prior to the issuance of a new license.  This is not available in most states, and is not recommended for most transactions, but in this case it was the optimal solution.

This particular buyer prefers to acquire the real estate as well, and our seller was able to achieve their objectives:  a confidential transaction, while also monetizing the equity hidden in the value of the real estate where the school operated.

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North Carolina Closing

Reagin April 20163/31/16 – SSGA’s Senior Broker, Reagin Curlee, helped usher in a welcome retirement for two North Carolina child care owners with the closing of their franchise business and real estate after many successful years in the child care industry.

As owners of a very successful child care center in the greater Greensboro, NC area, they were ready to sell their business of 20 plus years. These sellers were part of a franchise system for many years and positioned themselves to exit the system at the right time for retirement.  SSGA secured a national buyer for this location who decided to continue to grow one of their elite-brands with the addition of this school. This was a great fit as well for the sellers as the school is a high quality, established school in the community and it was important to the sellers that the next owners would be able to maintain the quality and service for their community. The sellers were also able to sell the associated real estate in a simultaneous transaction to a real estate investment trust. The sellers are excited to plan some long-awaited retirement travel.

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Suburban Denver Closing

Mike April 2016

2/7/16 – SSGA is proud to announce the sale of a net leased property in suburban Denver occupied by Nobel Learning’s brand Merryhill School. SSGA represented the seller in this real estate only transaction, procuring four solid written offers and three verbal expressions of interest within the first 45 days of marketing.  Offers were received not only from buyers in Denver, but also from investors in Florida, New York and California.  This testifies to the reach of SSGA’s database of buyers.

After consideration of each buyer’s price, financial capabilities, reputation and other similar factors, the seller went back to two buyers for their best and final offer.  One buyer separated themselves from the pack, and the deal went under contract just before Thanksgiving to a 1031 buyer who had prior knowledge of the asset.  The final closing price was 97.8% of the original asking price.  Talk to SSGA about how we can help you with your disposition and acquisition of net leased child care assets around the country, or support your buying or selling needs in general. Contact a member of our team at

Real Estate Sale in the Greater Orlando, FL Area for Individual Investor

12/16/2016 – There are many institutional investors and individuals seeking solid real estate opportunities which allowed SSGA to represent a seller in divesting his commercial educational property, securing a full-price offer within a week of listing.  This investment property was occupied by a national tenant with excellent credit and located within a growing, high-demographic area.  The property is viewed as a secure investment with multiple alternative uses.  SSGA reached out to the individual investment market and secured a stable, qualified buyer for the property, meeting the sellers divestiture objectives.

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Add-On Business Purchase in Augusta, GA for Multi-Site Operator

11/16/2016 – A repeat client and multiple site business owner has been focused on growing their brand in the Augusta, GA market.  SSGA was able to assist the client with the purchase of an add-on business location that was centrally located in the business district of Augusta, GA.  Simultaneously, SSGA partnered this buyer with a REIT to purchase the real estate so that the business and real estate transactions closed concurrently.  The operator/buyer was able to grow their business by acquiring the business assets, but with the REIT relationship they did not have to leverage extra capital to be able to complete the transaction.

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Faith-Based Company Ready to Grow in Denver, CO

10/3/2016 – A client was ready to grow their faith-based brand, which led SSGA to act as a tenant’s representative to secure a lease on a vacant child care building in suburban Denver, Colorado.

Although the building was under lease to a charter school operation, the charter school had not opened at this location and SSGA knew that the landlord (a financial institution well known to SSGA) was amenable to replace the existing, but non-operational tenant, with a new tenant whose school business was growing.  This vacant facility was a terrific fit for the growing operational organization.

SSGA was able to negotiate a favorable 20 year lease for the new operator, including an option to purchase the building halfway through the lease term.  SSGA helped facilitate the new operator’s evaluation of the market dynamics for their brand of school, and provided some business commentary on the proposed form of lease, which was useful to the tenant and the tenant’s attorney.

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